Dr. Michael Girouard

Dr. Michael Girouard is the founder/director of The Girouard Centre.  He initially completed his medical training in anesthesiology in his home state of Louisiana.  He is a true foodie!  Having been very overweight for most of his childhood he lost 35 kg in middle school.  In 1990, he went from weighing 120 kg to 77 kg and has maintained since then.  Due to his own personal battles with weight, he has a genuine compassion for others dealing with these same challenges.  Helping others overcome the “drive-to-eat” and enjoy improved health has been his life-long professional passion.

Dr. Girouard (Dr. G as most people call him) started his first weight loss clinic in 1981 in New Orleans and later opened clinics in North Carolina in 2000 and Wyoming in 2014 through which over 180,000 patients have been seen since 1981.  He continues to research and develop new weight management options and has received 1 patent for obesity treatment and has multiple patents pending.  Dr. G is not registered to practice medicine in New Zealand and is unable to give medical advice.  His personal and professional experience is irreplaceable as a team leader and director.

Dr. Jonie Girouard

Dr. Jonie Girouard is a registered GP in New Zealand with a special interest in weight management.  Her passion is in preventing disease and promoting healthier lifestyles and wellness for her patients through weight management.

Dr. Jonie has been a practicing GP in Canterbury since 2015.  She completed her medical training in 1999 followed by a Family Medicine residency in 2002.  After working for the Indian Health Service with the Blackfeet tribe she quickly developed a passion for disease prevention with a particular focus on diabetes prevention and weight management.  She later completed advanced training in Obesity Medicine and became board certified by the American Board of Obesity Medicine in 2012.  Dr. Jonie continues to consult in the USA via telemedicine and assists in program development and supervision for her husband’s Let’sGetThinMD (USA-based clinics).  She is a mother of 3 and in her spare time loves to spend time in the garden.