Program Overview & Services

Weight Management

FIRST VISIT: Plan to come 15 minutes early to complete paperwork. An educational video will introduce the basics of nutrition and weight management science. A body composition will be completed to determine your body fat composition, lean muscle mass, etc. to more accurately design a treatment program for you. A one-on-one consultation will follow to design a treatment plan best for your needs and goals.

REFERRALS: GP referrals are encouraged but not required. Patients may self-refer.

PRE-REQUISITE: Patients will complete a patient history form at the time of their first appointment. Depending on an individual’s medical history, medications and examination, certain medications may not be appropriate. This can only be determined during a one-on-one consultation.

FOLLOW UP VISITS: Plan to be monitored monthly at the Centre to evaluate your progress, address any challenges with cravings, appetite, etc. and modify your treatment plan as needed. A body composition measure is included with every 4th visit (a fee is otherwise required).

Weight Maintenance Program

Just as important as achieving your optimal weight and wellness is maintaining it. Our body’s natural tendency is to gain weight with age AND after significant weight loss, so planning for weight management is important. We encourage all of our patients to participate in a maintenance program with routine follow up every 2-3 months or as required to prevent and address weight regain.

Body Composition Measurements

Body composition testing is the process of measuring the components of what you are made of. Your weight or BMI (body mass index) are not clear indicators of good health, since neither kg or BMI units tell you how much unhealthy fat you have. The INBODY 230 machine uses the resistance to small electrical signal sent through the body to accurately measure and calculate body FAT – since fat is very resistant to electrical conduction. Changes in body composition reading can occur with changes in the body’s hydrations status and recent exercise. Therefore it is important to eliminate as many variables as you can when comparing test results.